Tech Specs

Card TypeInterface
Power MethodPower Consumer
Voltage Input36V through PFRN
Number of Ports1 PFRN Port
Card TypeController
Power MethodPower Producer
Voltage Input12/24V
Number of Ports4 PFRN Ports
Card TypeNetwork
Power MethodPower Consumer
Voltage Input36V through PFRN
Number of Ports5 PFRN Ports
DimensionsWidth 23.4 cm (9.23 in)
Height 30.9 cm (12.15 in)
Depth 13.4 cm (5.28 in)
HazLoc RatingClass I Div 2
Operating Temperature-40°C to 65°C
-40°F to 150°F
Storage Temperature-40°C to 65°C
-40°F to 150°F

What is it?

The PF3100 UI BMS module consists of a UIX enclosure with a UI card, a BMS Controller card, and a Network Expansion card inside.

What does it do?

The User Interface card is the control interface for the PF3100 family of products. This module comes with a large LCD screen that displays the entire system’s status and shows which modules are connected through the proprietary PFRN network. System settings can be adjusted directly through this interface. The BMS Controller card is a hub for most of the wiring coming from the burner system. This module can be mounted near the burner and using the PFRN network, allows for the user interface to be located up to 1000 ft away. The BMS Controller card is a power producer which means that other modules can be plugged into the card’s PFRN ports to gain both communication and power. This module also includes a Network Expansion card which allows more modules to be added to the PFRN network.


● BMS Controller card is near the help screen for easy access to wiring instructions
● One box to mount instead of two
● One power source needed for the entire module
● Network card allows for connections to many other modules to form a single PFRN communication network
● Multiple UIs showing the same info on each screen change from multiple places
● Option to mount the UI away from the burner
● Simple indication of overall status through LEDs allowing end-users to check statuses from afar
● LCD screen shows statuses of overall system, individual modules, and groups of modules
● Numeric keypad for easy data entry
● Data logging and field firmware updates