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Introducing the PF3100.

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We’ve been changing the way people think about burner management since 2002.



Customization and incredible ease-of-use amount to immense savings of both time and money to all those who choose to follow us down the path of innovation. Don’t get left behind.

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Why the PF3100?


    Appearing deceivingly simple, our family of PF3100 modules house firmware and proprietary technology improving workflow and communication between applications.


    The PF3100 is a modular, off-the-shelf control system for oilfield operators and technicians. Adapting ingenuity and efficiency, we’re improved and simplified burner management.


    With features such as intuitive design, streamlined installation, simplified set up, comprehensive diagnostics, and field upgradeable firmware, burner management has never been easier.

  • Modular Design

    The PF3100’s modular design enables users to connect smart devices together to build the desired configuration to match their application.
  • Communication Network

    The PF3100 module family operates on a proprietary Profire reliability network, PFRN, which enables safe and reliable communication between modules via Ethernet. The PFRN design supports up to 32 modules with a max reliable wire distance of 325 feet (100m) between modules. This network is designed to act as a failsafe in the event of a fault condition in any part of the system.
  • Easy Setup

    Modular design derives easy installation and setup. PFRN, Profire’s proprietary reliability network, is an Ethernet-based connection between modules. Settings can be entered from the UI module manually via on-screen menus or loaded via an attached USB flash key.
  • Field Upgradable Firmware

    Modules support field upgradable firmware so users always have access to new features and the latest errata. In addition, the system automatically detects if a particular module has incompatible firmware and prevents operation which might lead to an unsafe condition.
  • Power Distribution

    In addition to data transport, the PFRN is capable of distributing power to the modules connected to it. This further simplifies wiring requirements.
  • Linked Modules

    Modules can be logically grouped together to form a linked system with more complex behavior. These modules share status information with each other to make sure that the system as a whole will operate in a safe manner.
  • Multi-Burner Support

    A single PF3100 user-interface, paired with the appropriate modules, can support up to 12 separate burners—whether on the same appliance or distributed throughout multiple appliances.
  • Temperature Module Sharing Support

    Temperature data can be shared across modules in applications where multiple BMS controller modules are configured to operate in a single solution.
  • Multi-Pilot Support

    Multiple pilots and ignition points can be connected to a single BMS Controller module.
  • Support for Various Ignition and Flame Detection Methods

    Ignition and flame detection hardware and software are housed together in a single module. Future development will permit for alternative flame detection methods.
  • Support for Various Temperature Sensing Methods

    Temperature sensing hardware and software are housed together separate from the BMS and UI modules allowing preference and application requirements to be met.
  • Coming Soon! Forced-Draft Support

    Specific applications and environmental guidelines often call for forced-air combustion appliances and equipment. The PF3100 will soon support forced-draft components by implementing advanced I/O modules in order to support a multitude of forced-air applications.

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